Corfu Heat Wave

As we enter the middle of summer here on Corfu, you can always expect a mini heat wave and that has been the case for the last 10 days or so. While the temps haven’t been in to the 40Deg mark, consistent 35deg temperatures - mixed with little or no wind has been creating some hot days. Anyone living along the coast will have missed the hottest parts of this heat wave as there is always an ocean breeze to cool off in but for those living inland or in Corfu Town, I’m sure the air con has been on full blast for a while now.

From the forcast on, more heat is on the way and while July does tend to be the hottest month on Corfu, I have a feeling Aug will be no snow storm!! Yet, the best part of all this is - That’s what tourists want! The beach and pool areas are always more busy and swimming in hot weather is always more enjoyable. So pack your bags, grab your tickets and come on over to Corfu for a fortnight!!!!

Hot Greek Summer!

Summer is in full swing and this past week has been really hot for this early but no one is complaining. The streets here in Sidari are starting to fill with families and tourists from all over the world - hope this is a sign of things to come. The sea is full with all types of water sports like ringos, paragliding, banana and the flying fish!! Sidari’s two main boat hire companies have been busy too, renting out small private boats for people to explore the North coast.

On another note, our new 2010 E-Class Mercedes has arrived and we should have it in operation within the next 10 days. So, all you travelers that have booked a taxi transfer with us for June, get ready to travel in style!!!

Let The Games Begin - Summer Is Here!

Summer is officially here and from the look of things - it’s looking really good. The weather is perefct and as I write this post, the temp is in the low 20’s........celcius. Not to hot and not to cold - just right. North Corfu Taxi, Corfu’s premier taxi service is rolling things in high gear as we await our new baby, brand new Mercedes E-Class. When on holiday - you must travel in Style!

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